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Spring Week 3 wb: 18.1.21

Friday 22nd January

Lesson 1 - RE

Use the Rite of Baptism script to order the Baptism Ceremony. I have also added a film script template that you may print off (or draw your own in your book) to help you identify the different stages of the ceremony. 

Draw a picture of each stage to go along with your explanation.

Well done for your hard work this week!

Free choice - play a game, read a book, draw, sports, etc.


Have a lovely weekend.



Thursday 21st January
OR if you would prefer a challenge...

English extension

Write a conversation between Oliver Twist and the boys in his workhouse to go with the 'Drawing Straws' scene.

Make sure you include alternatives for 'said' and expand to say HOW the words are said or WHAT the character is doing at the time.

e.g. "Yes! A long straw. I'm safe!" exclaimed one of the orphans in relief.

       "Yes! A long straw. I'm safe!" exclaimed the orphan while glaring at the ceiling.

Lesson 4 - Computing

See Purple Mash 2Dos

Wednesday 20th January

You may have a choice hour to complete an arts, crafts, Music, ICT or PE activity.


You could design a Victorian outfit, draw Oliver Twist's Workhouse, create a recipe for better-tasting gruel, use Purple Mash to design something or do some physical activity.

Tuesday 19th January

Lesson 1 - PE

Lesson 4 - RE

Watch the clip as many times as you like. Make notes on what is happening THEN re-write the story IN DETAIL from John the Baptist's point of view. I have added some help questions to prompt your story.

Who is there?
What are the facial expressions of John and Jesus like?
How does the crowd feel?
Does John feel worthy? Why would he feel honoured?
Where does this take place?
What appears from the heavens?
Whose voice speaks from the heavens?
What does that voice say? Exact wording.

Monday 18th January
This week's Gospel Assembly.

Year 6 PE at Home

Lesson 4 - PE