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Friday 15th January

Good Morning Nursery! Today is our last day learning about Oliver’s Fruit Salad


  1. Let’s read the story one more time. Can you remember what Oliver made at the end?

2. Today I would like you to have a go at making your very own fruit salad. If you don’t just want to make a fruit salad I have put some ideas down of different things you could make with fruit… a fruit face or a fruit kebab J


You will need your grown up to help you, but could you have a go at cutting up some of the fruit yourself to put in your fruit salad?

3. If you like to play with lego or building blocks, then I think you will like this activity. I have found different images of fruit made using lego. Do you think you could have a go at making different fruit out of lego?

4. You have done super learning this week! I thought you could end your week of learning with a sound walk. Can you go for a walk outside and listen carefully to the things around you? What did you hear? I have attached a sheet below to help you.

Today's Nursery Rhyme is Polly put the kettle on