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Shout outs!

Shout Outs


Over the past few weeks it has been wonderful to receive some fantastic pieces of work that some of the children in Year 3 have completed at home.


Here are just a few examples of the hard work that has been going on at home.

Emmalee has sent in some wonderfully descriptive openings to the BFG, some great maths work showing her multiplication and divisions skills, some fantastic history and science work and she has even been doing a weekly maths workout!

Emmalee has also been busy baking! Great use of your English and maths skills!

Hanna has been working really hard. She has sent in a fantastic bar chart, a beautifully presented piece of science work, some great grammar work and a wonderful piece of writing from the Talk for Writing Challenge

Kianna has sent in some fantastic work on adjectives, a beautiful time line, a well drawn bar chart and pictogram, some fabulously presented science work and an amazing picture she has created for RE

Vanessa has been busy working at home and has sent in some of the English and Maths work she has done. Great spellings and multiplication work.

Maddison has been working really hard at home, it's great to see her enjoying the online learning