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As part of their homework, children are expected to read their reading book for 15-20 minutes every night. As the children are reading their book, it is great if you can test them on what they are reading, such as vocabulary meanings, vocabulary choices and asking the children questions to check their understanding. Parents should sign their child’s planner each night to say they have heard their child read before returning the planner and reading book to school every day. If parents do not sign their child's planner, this will result in their child losing their golden stamp. 




Children are given spellings to learn at home each week. These are stuck into pupil planners and also displayed on the class page of the school website. Children should learn these key spellings and should also understand these words and how they can be used into a sentence. Children are then given a spelling test for these words on a Friday. 

Here are the spellings for the children to learn: 

Prayer Bag


Children will be given the class prayer bag to take home for one week during the school year. The children are encouraged to share prayers with their family and record their experience in the book provided.

Mental Maths


Children will be expected to practice mental maths facts at home each week. Look below to see which mental maths facts you need to learn this week. 


Autumn 2

Week 1 - 3 and 4 x table


Week 2 -5 and 6 x table


Week 3 -7 and 8 x table


Week 4 -9 and 10 x table


Week 5 -11 and 12 x table


Week 6 -  TT Rock Stars


Week 7 - TT Rock Stars 


SAT's Preparation


In Year 6, children will be given additional work, where appropriate, in preparation for End of Key Stage tests.