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Tuesday 2nd March

Good Morning Nursery


  1. Today we are starting off our day with some music. Can you join in with singing 10 little monkeys? Can you show the correct amount of monkeys on your fingers when you join in?

2. Can you follow the steps to complete a guided draw of a spider? Do you know how many legs a spider has? A spider has 8 legs. Make sure you draw 8 legs on your spider.

3. We are going to practice our cutting today. Can you have a go at cutting along the dotted lines to get to the spider? Remember to hold your scissors properly. 

3. We are going to end our learning today with sequencing the main events of the rhyme. Lets sing the rhyme once more to remind ourselves. What does the spider climb up? Why was he flushed away? How did he manage to climb back up again?

Today’s rhyming story is Rabbits nap. Can you hear any of the rhyming words?