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Monday 25th January

Good Morning Nursery. Our story focus for the next two weeks is Jaspers Beanstalk


1. Before you listen to the story can you have a think of what the story might be about? When you have finished listening to the story can you tell your grownup the main events? What happened at the start, middle and end of the story?

2. Today we are going to practice our pencil grip and control through a guided draw of a cat. Can you follow the steps below?

3. I wonder if you can make a cat using 2D shapes? I have found some ideas below to help you. Can you tell your grownup the different shapes you have used? We try and describe our shape of the day in Nursery. How many sides does your shape have? Are they all the same length? 

4. In the story Jasper dug up his plant when he thought it wasn’t growing. What sound does dug begin with? Do you know any other words that begin with d? (dinosaur, duck, digger, dice). I want to see if you can learn the sound d using the video below, and have a go at writing d using the letter rhyme
Miss Windsor had lots of fun making a snowman in her garden today. Can you make me a snowman and email me a picture? You could even go on a snowy walk too! Remember to wrap up nice and warm.
Today's Nursery Rhyme is Down in the jungle
Today's story is The dinosaur who lost his roar