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Wednesday 7th July

Maths – Multiplication


English - On Google Classroom

Read the poem again and Answer the questions below:

• Why is the daffodil dancing?

• Why has the poet used the word scatter to describe the daisies?

• Which three flowers does June bring?

• Name three things that happen in the winter months.

• Which month do you like best? Explain using evidence from the poem.

Write some of your own questions



How does an earthquake occur?

Guided Reading

Chapter 4 - Danny the Champion of the World


Chapter 4 Guided Reading Questions and Champion Challenges


If you have the items you need then you could have a go at one or all of these science experiments.

Many of the items might be found around your house but if you do not have all the items please dont worry. 


If not you could complete the Oak Academy lesson about variables