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Wednesday 13th January

Good Morning Nursery! Today we are learning all about healthy and unhealthy foods.


  1. We normally do PE on a Wednesday morning. It’s very important we exercise every day to keep fit and healthy. Let’s start our day with a PE lesson. Today we are going to do a dance lesson.

2. Can you watch this video about healthy foods? We know fruit is good for us, we have different fruit at snack time every day. What foods in the video were unhealthy? What foods were healthy? 

3. Now you know all about healthy and unhealthy foods. Can you complete this cut and stick activity and sort the healthy and unhealthy food? Can you add any more food onto the plates? You could also find different food in your house and sort them into healthy and unhealthy.

4. I have attached below a tracing picture of a basket full of fruit. Do you know what fruit is inside the basket? I would like you to trace over the lines. Remember to hold your pencil correctly.

5. In Nursery we do lots of listening activities to develop our ability to listen to different sounds. This will help us when we learn to read and write. I have attached a home learning sheet for you. What different sounds can you hear and make?

Today's Nursery Rhyme is Little Miss Muffet