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Summer 1

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

In our English lessons year one are looking at how to write a letter and we are exploring the features of a letter whilst generating exciting adjectives. The children are being encouraged to be creative with their ideas and shares their ideas with a learning partner. We are adding to our vocabulary and enjoying the wonderful text written by Judith Kerr. 


Using the adjectives we have learnt we are going to write descriptions about the tiger to interest our reader! 


In Science we are investigating Plants!

We love plants in year one and we have already planted some herbs in our outside space and we are enjoying watching them grow but now we are looking at plants more closely. We are investigating the parts of a plant, wild flowers and fruit and vegetables which we could grow from a seed! 

The children in year one are going to watch our tomato plants grow in class and are going to be thinking about all the things a plant needs to grow. Hopefully the children are inspired to grow plants from seeds at home smiley

Maths - Time, Capacity and Mass

During maths we are using our class clocks to understand time and the children are going to be telling the time by the hour and half past the hour. Collaboratively we will discuss the meaning of our new vocabulary that we are using. We will then move on to explore capacity and the volume of containers by measuring the capacity using water and explore the terms half and quarter full. Our Mass unit of work will be hands on and the children are very excited to explore mass using the measuring equipment using methods that they have been taught. 

Geography - Oceans and Seas

This half term in geography we are looking at the five oceans and where they are located on the map. We will be singing them using our 'five ocean' song to help us with our recall. Our previous geography unit is being revisited along the way which is all part of building the children's geographical knowledge and interests! 

We are diving deep into the importance of caring and respecting our environment, especially the ocean by looking at things we can do to help. Recycling, reusing and respecting by picking up litter around us. The children in year one will be able to pass on this knowledge to others and help in the wider picture to save the planet.  

Five Oceans Song

A song to help your children learn the 5 oceans in order from largest to smallest.

Religious Education 


In this unit children hear that Jesus came back to life again and that this was a happy time.



Picture it! The Ascension of Christ - Salvador Dali 1958