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Wednesday 24th February 2021

Wednesday 24th February 2021


Lenten Daily Reflection:




Today for our English lesson, I want you to listen to the story of Little Red Riding Hood again using the link below.


Once you have watched the story, I want you to draw the main characters in the story and label them using your phonics to help you.


Which character is your favourite and why?

Which character is your least favourite and why?




For our RWI sessions for the next couple of weeks we are going to be focusing on specific RWI skills. There is options of links below depending on what your child needs further support with. I have tried to cover a range of skills so please choose the link which best supports your child. Be it, set 1 sounds, oral blending or reading paper Ditty short stories. Please also remember to practice writing some of the words mentioned in either of the links you choose.


Set 1 sound - z -


Learning to oral blend – Lesson 3 -


Paper Ditty Story 3 – See picture of the story below.




Today in maths, we are going to looking at how we can add numbers together within 20.


For this lesson, you will need to either draw out a number line from 1 – 20, or if you have a number line you can use that.


Today we are going to work through the power point and look at how we can add two numbers together using a number line by ‘jumping up’ the numbers or ‘counting on’. Please encourage your child to use the number line to help them work out the answers and not just guess.


I have written some sums below for your child to have a go at answering using their number lines to help them.

  1. 11 + 4 =
  2. 8 + 5 =
  3. 18 + 2 =
  4. 10 + 7 =
  5. 9 + 8 =
  6. 5 + 4 =
  7. 12 + 3 =
  8. 13 + 4 =




Today I would like you have a go at doing some indoor PE. Today’s Session is on Football.


Please follow the instructions on the photo (see below). You can complete this football session in your own time and remember to have fun!

RWI Ditty Story 3