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Thursday 4th February

Good Morning Nursery, today we are continuing our learning on Baptism


  1. Can you remember what happens in a Baptismal service? What colour does the baby wear? What building does a Baptism take place in? What is poured over the baby?

2. Today we are going to make our own holy water bottle. I would like you to decorate your bottle so it’s really special. Your bottle will help you to remember that when a baby is Baptised and welcomed into God’s family, holy water is poured over him/her.

Can you also have a go at drawing the main people we see when a Baptism takes place? You could draw the Church and inside the Church draw the font, the Priest, the parents and godparents and the baby being Baptised. 


3. Today’s home learning sheet is all about growing. Can you plant your own bean like Jasper? Or you could go on a walk and find different plants that have been planted. Can you see the stem and the leaves? How are some plants different?


Today’s Nursery Rhyme is row row row your boat

For today’s wellbeing activity I would like you to go on a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt