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Nursery 21/22 Overview of learning

This half term our topic is Autumn. The children have been exploring the natural environment and how it has started to change. We are currently reading the "We're going on a Bear Hunt" story. 

Monday 22nd November 2021 

We're going on a Bear Hunt

Today Nursery have started to learn their new Talk for Writing text. The children enjoyed exploring the new provision both inside and outside. We retold the story using the small world and over the week we will have a go walking through the different aspects outside. Today the children walked through the 'snowstorm'. 


Monday 1st November 2021

Autumn walk

Today Nursery went on an Autumn walk around the playground to explore autumn using their senses. We used our sense of sight to look at the leaves that had fallen from the trees, our sense of hearing to listen to the wind, our sense of smell to sniff the air to see if we could smell anything and our sense of touch to feel the cold, wet leaves and the hard conkers.


Our autumn Walk


Exploring colours

Outdoor Learning