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Autumn 1



In English this term, we are studying 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare. We will be focusing on the 'Witches Potion' in Act 4 and rewriting our own version of these poems. The children will be focusing on imagery, description, rhyming words and how to write a poem using rhyme and rhythm. 



Spellings are given to the children on a Monday morning and they practise them in their spelling books. These are also glued into their planners so they can practise them at home as part of their homework. There is a spelling test each Friday. Children are encouraged to learning all spellings. 

Guided Reading


In Guided Reading, we are studying the book 'Varjak Paw' by S.F Said. We will be looking at characters and themes in the book but also answering comprehension questions based on these using our VIPERS scheme. 



In Maths we are focusing on reading and writing numbers to ten million, comparing numbers to 10 million and rounding these numbers to the nearest place value. We will also be focusing on using mixed operations (BODMAS) , multiplying by two-digit numbers and dividing by two-digit numbers. Children will also be practising their arithmetic skills by using 'Hot Brain' in every maths lesson, with a focus on times tables, addition and subtraction, etc.  It is important that the children know all of their times tables as this will help them in all lessons. 



In Science, we will be looking and 'Evolution and Inheritance'. We will be looking at inherited traits we gain from our parents, variation within species and what adaptation and evolution are. We will learn about Charles Darwin and his work and also focusing on how fossils can help us today. 



In Geography this term, we are learning all about population and where the people are in the world. We will be looking at population pyramids, how and why population changes, consider the challenges a growing population brings, looking at food distributions and to examine the population density of the UK.