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Thursday 11th February

Good Morning Nursery, today is our last week of learning about Baptism.


1.When a baby gets Baptised, they are given a Baptismal candle to remember their special day. I would like you to decorate and create your very own baptismal candle. Remember it is a very special candle, so I would like it to be as colourful as possible! I have found some examples to give you a few ideas.

2. In our videos of Baptism, we have been watching a baby get baptised. I wonder if you can find some pictures of when you were a baby? How have you changed as you have got older? Do any of your features look the same? What looks different? 

3. We have been doing lots of activities to help us identify and hear initial sounds in words. Can you join in with this song? Can you think of any things that begin with the different sounds?

Today’s Nursery Rhyme is wind the bobbin up

Today's story is Everybody has a body