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Spring 1 Week 4 w.b.25.01.21

The online lessons are compulsory and should be done first, as well as reading and times tables practice.

The challenges are optional and the work books are useful if you want some off screen time or as extra practice in a particular subject.

Challenges if you have finished the online lessons.

If you have finished all your daily activities, try some of the challenges listed below ! smiley

Complete these in your morning task book. If you need another exercise book, you can collect one from school.


  • Write a fact file about an animal of your choice
  • Check out the Science activities
  • Complete the DT project called Grand Designs
  • Find out about Wassily Kandinski and create your own piece of abstract art
  • Write a review about a book you have read recently
  • Design a maths board game that involves multiplication and division
  • Try out some of the Geography quizzes
  • Research more about the Romans and write about or create a power point about how they conquered Britain



Send me pictures of your work to the email address provided so I can see the fabulous work you are producing. 


Mrs Waller

Spellings week beginning 25th January
Friday 29th January


Purple Mash

Screen Free Time !

Choose an activity!

Thursday 28th January


This is the start of the new unit- Jesus, Light of the World and Beloved Son

Simeon Praises the Lord

Watch the video of The Presentation Of Jesus.
Imagine you were there.
Write a diary entry about what you witnessed and how you felt.

Guided Reading

Purple Mash

Wednesday 27th January
Tuesday 26th January


Watch the video as well as completing French on Purple Mash.

Monday 25th January

Times Tables Practice