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Thursday 14th January

Today we are continuing our learning about Christmas, focusing on the Nativity Story.


  1. Can you watch The Nativity Story below? What are the main characters you saw? Who told Mary she was going to have a baby? Can you remember who Mary is? Who is Joseph? Who came to bring presents for the baby Jesus?

2. Today we are going to make our own Nativity scene. If you have a printer, you can use our resources below. Can you cut out all the characters and stick them inside the stable? If you want to be really creative, you can have a go at drawing, or even painting the different people who came to visit baby Jesus.

3. Now you have created your Nativity scene, can you tell your grown ups who they are? Have you got the 3 Kings, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and the Angel? Can you remember all their names? Can you get your grown ups to label their names so you can trace over the letters? 


4. To end our day of learning, I have a fun game for you to play! Can you go on a number hunt around your house? I have attached a sheet below to help you.

Today's Nursery Rhyme is Mary Mary