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Autumn 1

Our Learning laugh



In English we are learning how to write a good sentence. We are also learning about 'adjectives' and how to describe things. The children are reading the lovely book 'Lost and Found' By Oliver Jeffers. 

Over the course of the unit we are learning how to open a story and how we (as story tellers) can write our own story. 



Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers I Read Aloud


In maths we are learning numbers to 10 and number bonds. We have been comparing numbers using mathematical language such as; less, more, equal to, as many, greater than and less than. The children are counting in two's and counting forwards and backwards from any given number. 


We like to work collaboratively during our guided practice using the mathematical equipment to explore the maths concept.  


My Body

In science we are learning all about how our bodies move and what our body parts are called. We are  exploring the five senses through a range of different activities. The children are using their sense of touch and smell to investigate different objects.