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Spring Week 4 w.b.25/01/21

Challenges for the week! 


If you have finished all your daily activities....why not try a challenge activity? smileyThese do not have to be completed...they are just extra activities in case you want to complete more learning. yes Complete these in your exercise book. 

You also have your CGP books which you can use if you need some work to do and can't access a screen all the time or want some extra work to do. 


The lessons you need to complete each day are shown below. 

Year 3 - Monday 25th January 

1. Today we are going to practise and apply knowledge of suffixes: Past and present tense, including a test

2. In maths today we will be consolidating our multiplication and division knowledge (Part 2)

3. In science today we are going to be looking at the differences between night and day. 

4. PE - complete the Kids HIIT workout by clicking on the link below. 

Year 3 - Tuesday 26th January 

1. English - Today we are going to analyse the opening scene of the BFG film

2. Maths - We are starting a new topic today all about graphs. We will start by looking at reading and understanding pictograms

3. Music - Exploring 3 beats in a bar

4. French - complete the French 2do on Purple Mash

Year 3 - Wednesday 27th January 

1. Let's start the day by reflecting on Sunday's Gospel together.  Click on the link below.

2. Today we are going to write the first part of the opening (Part 1)

3. In Maths today we will be constructing pictograms

4. In PSHE today we will be learning about the importance of exercise - Time to get active!

5. In RE we will be wondering about the words and actions used in the Mass.

Year 3 - Thursday 28th January 

1. Today we will continue to write the first part of the opening (Part 2).

2. In Maths today we will be reading and interpreting bar charts.

3. In History today we will be find out how farming changed how people lived in prehistoric Britain.

4. In Computing today you will learn how to program collision and detection for your own computer game.

Log into purple mash to complete the 2do computing tasks set.

  • Complete the Guard the Castle activity to practice programming collision and detection.
  • Watch the Collision Detection video guide 
  • Use Free Code Chimp to write a program where objects can stop moving and a sound is played when objects collide.

Collision and Detection Purple Mash Video Guide (Free Code Chimp)

Still image for this video
Watch this video guide on Collision and Detection to find out how to program your game using Free Code Chimp.
Can you program:
* Objects to stop moving
* Sound to play when objects collide
For your own computer game.

Year 3 - Friday 29th January 

1. Today we will continue to write the second part of the opening (Part 1).

2. In Maths today we will be collecting and presenting data using tallies, tables and graphs. 

3. Log in to purple mash and complete the reading 2do task.


4.  RE - Eucharist means thanksgiving. We meet God in the Eucharist; God gives himself to us as food; we receive the Body of Christ and become part of his Body, the Church. 

Create a piece of artwork this afternoon; it can be any size and you can use any medium you like to create it - pens, pencils, collage of coloured paper, paint - whatever you have or whatever you would like to use. 

Your art should show the chalice and host used in the celebration of the Eucharist. You might want to include some of the words from the Last Supper that Jesus said and that we hear in the celebration of the Eucharist such as 'Do this in memory of me' or 'This is my Body' and 'This is my Blood'. Have a look at the photographs below, they might help to give you some ideas. We'd love to see your finished work - send a photograph if you can to

5. The last hour: For the last hour of the day on Friday, you can choose an activity that you are interested in to complete with your family. It could be for example: reading for pleasure, baking, playing a board game, exercise or going outside.

Eucharist art ideas