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Wednesday 24th February

Good Morning Nursery, I hope you have a fun day of learning today!


1. We are starting today with some PE. Can you join in with the dance lesson?

2. Humpty Dumpty was an egg. Today I would like you to put your scientist hats on because we are going to do an experiment! You will need to put an egg inside a plastic bag and you are going to drop it onto different surfaces (eg- grass, floor, in water, the table) Before you drop it I want you to predict if you think your egg will crack like Humpty did, or stay together. Why do you think the egg cracks when it is dropped on certain surfaces?

3. I have found a comprehension story all about eggs. Can you read the story to your grownup, using the illustrations to help you tell the story? Can you tell your grownup the main events? What 2 things do the children do with the eggs?

4. Now you have lots of eggs from today, can you make a cake using your eggs like in the story? I can’t wait to see the baking you get up to!

Today's rhyming story is Each Pear Pear Plum. Can you spot any words that sound the same?